As any season is about to get underway, it’s important to understand some of the aspects of preparing mentally.  Of course, the physical aspect of any sport is what most people identify most with and use to gauge levels of success.  How many games won, goals scored, saves, assists, and team record are all ways athletes measure success during a season.  What the best athletes understand is that those achievements stem from mental toughness and preparation.


Leading up to any competitive season, getting into the right frame of mind is essential.  Staying in that positive mindset throughout the season is critical and one of the hardest parts of being an athlete at any level.

Athletes who perform at their highest level are able to do so through their ability to remain focused, maintain their composure, and handle adversity.

With the Fall season approaching, athletes in all sports with a wide range of physical abilities can prepare themselves to have their best season yet by focusing on a just a few key components to success.  Parents and coaches who embrace these components play a crucial role in the development of athletes as well.

As a reminder, keep these points in mind as the season goes on:

  1. Failure is inevitable. It’s necessary in athletics.  Those who move on fastest are more successful.
  2. Success is inevitable too. Similarly, those that move on fastest will yield more successful results sooner.
  3. Mental toughness is a lifestyle. You can’t turn it on when practice or the game starts.
  4. Visualize yourself helping the team. That doesn’t always mean scoring the winning goal.
  5. Know your role. How do you add the most value to the team?  Focus on that.
  6. Enjoy winning and feel bad losing. That’s how you know you love what you’re doing!

success is a mindset

Good luck to all those Fall athletes as they start their season!  All that hard work in the gym will surely pay off, but remember to focus on the mental side too!

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