We invite preschools & preschool aged children in the community (along with their parents!) to join us for a day of learning, creativity, exercise, and excitement in our climate controlled facility which allows for year-round fun!

During each session participants enjoy arts & crafts activities, science experiments, fine motor activities, yoga, sports, story time, and special event entertainers/activities.

Fall Preschool Day at ISP

Tuesday, November 22; Wednesday, November 23; Monday, November 28; Thursday, December 1; Friday, December 2

Time: 10:00am-1:30pm

Are you looking to plan a fun fall field trip? Then come join us for a day of fall themed activities & fun at ISP Event Center in Randolph, NJ.  Some activities include:

  • Create Fall Silhouettes3bc8326eb5a982c451ec13cb762aafe0
  • Play with Fall Slime
  • Snatch Spiders
  • Blow up Monster Balloons
  • Play the Apple Orchard Game
  • Participate in Fall Themed Yoga
  • Learn Fall Themed Sign Language



  • $21 per child up to 15 children
  • $19 per child from 16-30 children
  • $17 per child from 31+ children
  • $15 for current TIKES at ISP customers

To register, click here.

For additional information, please contact Jessica Walder at jessica@ispeventcenter.com or 973-895-4007.

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